Emergency response to Uttarakhand Disaster


Emergency response to Uttarakhand Disaster

a. SBMA Work in Uttarkashi

Immediate Response:

  1. Helped to 5000 pilgrims to Evacuate from Bhatwari to Uttarkashi
  2. Run 3 relief camps for one week and served food, water & other supplies to pilgrims between Gangori to Bhatwari
  3. Provided health checkups facilities to pilgrims and other affected people
  4. Food & other emergency supplies to 400 affected people in 4 relief camps for one month
  5. Created Child Friendly Spaces in 3 relief camps and organized Psycho social care activities for children and women for 2 months
  6. Provided communication & transportation facilities to pilgrims
  7. Distributed water purification tablets in relief camps & community level also
  8. SBMA-Plan supported to 15513 affected families / individuals for-
    1. Full & complementary food kit, hygiene kit, shelter kit, water kit, canvas sheet, solar lantern, blankets etc. for 7835 families of Bhatwari area
    2. Health treatment & counseling support for 4249 people
    3. Food Supplies to 400 people in 4 relief camps in Uttarkashi for one month and 1200 pilgrims at Bhatwari & Gangori for one week
    4. Cash for work for 500 families of Dunda block to restore their agriculture land
    5. Un-conditional cash support to 45 highly affected families
    6. School kit to 1284 school children in remote villages of Bhatwari block

Other initiatives taken

  1. Established coordination between district admin. and local NGOs
  2. Facilitated NGOs & other agencies for distribution of relief material
  3. Established “Uttarkashi Apda Pravandhan Jan Manch” which has worked as District IAG
  4. Mobile facility support to ASHA workers in remote area
  5. Conducted rapid assessment and detailed assessment of the damaged area
  6. Organized Mega health camps and other health awareness camps at different location by strong convergence with NGOs and government department (2400 patients in Bhatwari, 1100 in other locations, 40000 chlorine tablets distributed in disaster area

b. SBMA Work in Rudraprayag district

  1. 400 Household for DFI
  2. 600 Household for NFI
  3. 1300 Household for Solar Lantern with mobile charging system
  4. 20 Schools for material Supplies
  5. 30 wall writing related to relief entitlements by Government
  6. 5 Health Camp in Block Ukhimath
  7. Socio Psycho care training of staff
  8. Supporting Rs 10K for each to 300 women to improve their livelihood
  9. Supporting Rs 10K for each to 300 student to fill full their education need
  10. Supporting Rs 10K for each to 300 youth for their skill development
  11. Supporting Solar lamps to 500 affected families
  12. Running 17 CFS in 20 TLC


  1. 200 tent and 200 utensil supported by SEEDs
  2. School buildings repair by SBMA
  3. Organized health camps

C. SBMA Work in Chamoli district

  1. Provided Food Items (2 month dry ration) to SARKOT/ PARWARI and PAJIYANA village (13 affected families who had lost the lives at Kedarnath) in Gairsain block
  2. Organise the health camps at Gairsain & Ghat blocks
  3. Provided dry food items and NFI kit to 300 affected families of block karanprayag
  4. Support schools material 20 schools
  5. Started the livelihood improvement program with 100 affected families of Gairsain block with support of UDHYOGINI
  6. Distributed Family kit (750) mother kits (800) and child kits(800)

Process for relief distribution adopted at Community level

  1. Conducted rapid & detailed need assessment
  2. Obtained list of affected families from Government/Panchayats and conducted open meeting with Children Youth group, MMDs & PRIs
  3. Conducted door to door survey for the Verification & finalization of the list pof affected families
  4. Distribution of relief cards to each families
  5. Informed to PRIs & other community leaders in advance

Process for relief distribution adopted at PU level

  1. Consolidated the village wise list of affected families with their ID details
  2. Procurement of material according to the identified need & final list of the families
  3. Stored & assembled the material at PU level
  4. Transport the material at maximum reach of the communities
  5. Distributed the material as per final list

Partnership for humanitarian supports

  • Plan Internal resources
  • Japan Platform-JNO- Phase- I & II
  • British Petroleum
  • SIDA
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Uniglobe
  • Cadence
  • Nokia

Partnership with other organizations for humanitarian supports

  • SBMA Disaster Relief Fund supported by 200 individuals and organization/corporate
  • Association for India Development (AID)
  • HelpAge India, Uttarakhand
  • Punjabi Culture and Welfare Association (PCWA), Mumbai
  • TATA Relief Committee Uttarakhand
  • ACC, HP
  • AADHAR organization, Dehradun
  • Udyogini
  • Americare India
  • BSCR- Mussoriee
  • ODRC Collaborative, Gujrat
  • Abhiyana & Mahajan, Mumbai
  • Cambree Life Improvement Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Banglore
  • EcoSolutions, Mumbai
  • Navadgi Vidya Mandir Mumbai
  • Doon School, Dehradun
  • WockhardT Foundation
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