Rehabilitation Action Plan


Rehabilitation Action Plan (with THDC)


thdc-houseTHDC India Ltd has been given the responsibility by the government of Uttarakhand (GOU) to develop commission and operate Vishnugad Pipalkoti Hydro Electric Project (VPHEP) in the district chamoli, Uttarakhand. Vishnugad Pipalkoti Hydro Electric Project (VPHEP) project is situated on river Alaknanda in the district of Chamoli about 225 kms from Rishikesh. VPHE Project aims to harness the energy of the river Alaknanda for generation of hydro electric power. The primary features of VPHEP include the following;

•    Project is a Run of the River (RoR) Scheme & envisages construction of a 65 m High Gravity Concrete Diversion Dam on river Alaknanda to provide a live storage of 2.47 M CUM.

•    Annual Design Energy Generation - 1674 MU (90% dependable year).

•    Water Conductor Systems comprise; power intakes and 3 underground de-siltation chambers.

•    13.4 km long horse shoe shaped Head Race Tunnel (HRT) of 8.8 m dia.

•    Underground Power House housing 4 Turbine Generating Units of 111 MW each.

•    Underground Transformer Cavern and 420 KV GIS Switch yard.

•    3.07 km long Horse Shoe Shaped Tail Race Tunnel (TRT) of 8.8 m dia to discharge the water back to river Alaknanda.

•    VPHEP has comparatively limited Land Acquisition impacts that involves acquisition of public (Government & Forest land) and private land from titleholders located in 18 villages. Private land is being acquired from 7 villages while the remaining 11 Project Affected Villages will lose access only to Government Forest / Grazing and / or Van Panchyat Land.
•    The land Acquisition affects a total of 1250 Households (1481 Families with 5294 Persons) in 18 villages. Of these 1481 Families, 773 are directly affected by loss of Private Land / or Structures, while the remaining 708 Families are affected only by reduced access to Grazing fodder and fuel wood collection on Govenement and Van Panchyat Land (Community held Grazing & Forest Land).

•    Apart from the villages affected due to acquisition of land (Govt & Naap), around 15 Revenue villages which are within 250-250 M along the alignment will be considered for insurance of all structures which are within the range.

Role of SBMA

The project involves acquisition of public {government and forest land} and private land from 18 villages. The acquisition of land and consequent displacement will have potential impacts on the social, economic, and cultural and environment attributes of the affected population with specific impacts on their productive assets, source of income, habitat, community structure, social relations, cultural identity, and traditional authority and also their potential for mutual help. Rehabilitation Action Plan {RAP} for the affected and displaced population prepared in conformity with the provision of the resettlement and Rehabilitation policy of the VPHEP and the requirements of world Bank operational policy {OP 4.12} THDCIL will implement the RAP through non- government agency {NGO} and in coordination with various line departments. In order to fulfill the aim of corporate social responsibility and to ensure that the Project Affected Persons (PAPs) are assisted during the processes of rehabilitation and resettlement, THDC India Ltd. has engaged the services of Shri Bhuvaneshwari Mahila Ashram (SBMA) on contract basis. SBMA is assisting THDC India Ltd for implementation of the Resettlement Action Plan for VPHEP under the contract entitled providing services for interface between THDCIL & Local communities in implementation of RAP & other related work. (Read complete ReportElement Selection)

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