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Food Processing, Weaving & Card Unit

The 'Khadi' unit on the Anjanisain campus makes a variety of different shawls, blankets, scarves, as well as some clothing products like vests, kortas, and hats.

The wool used in production is brought from Uttarkashi, an important wool-producing centre of Uttaranchal. A traditional Indian method of weaving, 'Hath-Karga', is adopted for making the textiles. Natural dye is used for giving the shawls different colorful shades.The SBMA woollen products are in popular demand in Garhwal because of their excellent quality and attractive designs. To improve the market potential of SBMA products the organisation participates in a large number of village Haats and fairs.

SBMA also has a small greeting cards unit at its headquarters in Anjanisain. Hand made recycled paper and dried flowers / leafs are used in the production of greeting cards. Besides offering a wide range of attractive greeting cards, this same unit also makes paper bags, file folders, and envelopes from hand made papers.

These programs were developed to promote cottage industries in Uttaranchal and show the economic potential of such endeavors, as well as to actually create jobs in the Anjanisain area. Weaving, textile-making, sewing, doll-making, card-making, and other such trainings have been used over the years in various women's development projects, economic stimulus schemes, and livelihood programs.

Weavings, shalls, blankets, greeting cards, chutneys and pickles are available through the Anjanisain campus store. Proceeds support the HELP (Hill Employment Labour Production) Academy.

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