Since time immemorial Ashram has been thriving with a perpetual hope, to foster the seed of welfare amongst the hill Communities. It has been relentlessly struggling to meet the community ends, to give birth to prosperous Hill Communities. Emerging from the Phoenix of a revolution, Ashram grew in its tender years as a shelter for the destitute women and children. It has primarily focused its concerns towards improving the status of the children who are the bedrock of our future society. To transform the noble aims into a reality, Ashram started emerging as a open house for women and children, furnishing them with shelter, food and security shielding them from the brunt of distress.

As time rolled on, Ashram gradually extended its wings of welfare, to reach out for all those children who were estranged from accessing their basic needs, due to their constant struggle,for eking out an existence in the midst of the encumbering miseries dominating their impoverished households.

The concept of hostel was evolved as “A Hope” to provide, a conducive environment for these children, catalyzing towards their Holistic Development.The aim was to provide a nurturing platform to all those children who are either orphan or belong to impoverished families, existing in severe dearth of survival resources.

Presently the Hostel in the heart of the Ashram Campus is rearing its own family of children, who form a vital part of the Organization.

Since the early years, all those children who have been growing within the Ashram, have shared the struggles and pains along with those who were striving to catalyze for Community Welfare. The Ashram has always looked at these children as the future bread winners of the Community. Children who have been reared in Ashram’s cocoon have now grown into Joint Secretary, Women In Governance Co-Coordinator, Eco-Tourism Facilitator, and Child Rights Co-Coordinator. The Ashram has succeeded in imbibing its deep-rooted principles and ideologies within its children, who are now emerging as advocators of greater Community Welfare.

As Swami Manmathan says “Our Revolutions are an imagery of our woven ideologies which can never be assassinated” so it has been proven by the children of the Ashram who are the living souls of Swami Manmathan.


Hostel Constitution:

Presently the Ashram family constitutes, of twenty children who came from various nearby and far off villages. They stand as an integral part of the Ashram community. The environment within the hostel instills in the spirit, of collective living, within the children; giving them the liberty to participate in all their daily hostel activities unitedly.The children participate and monitor for their hostel responsibilities, with the spirit of shared responsibilities.

Ashram is supporting for the educational, fooding and daily living expenses of these children.

Five children are studying in the nearby inter-colleges and fifteen are studying in the environmental school run by SBMA.

The core belief of Ashram is to enable all these children to grow into self dependant beings. Hence participation in other activities like hostel cleaning and maintanence, providing assistance in the Ashram farm. Growing in an environment which has always been stimulating the hidden potentials of these children, the Ashram and its hub of activities has provided an enriching experience to these children.

The proximity with the affairs of the outer world, within the Ashram Campus has enabled the children to develop a deeper understanding about the goals of SBMA and peoples initiatives on various issues.Ashram has been the focal point of various activities providing a ground for intensive socialisation with people,resulting in varied range of experiences for the children living within the Ashram.

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