swami ji

     Martyred In 1990.

Our Revolution does not depend on individuals it relies on ideas, and ideas cannot be assassinated!

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SBMA is an integral part of 2000 communities served by more than 300 staff members and 436 volunteers, working with 18 projects in collaboration with 25 different partners covering all the Districts Of Uttarakhand.

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Movements lead by Swami Ji

The University Movement

Before the 1970's the status of education in Uttarakhand was poor at best. Few basic schools for secondary education were available, and students had often unmanageable distances to cover in order to get to class.
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Silkot Tea-estate Movement

The Silkot Tea Estate was established during the British Raj. The tea estate sprawls over 346 acres and was used to grow tea to supply the neighboring states. Along with the tea plantation the estate was comprised of a large forest, which three villages were dependent on.
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Chandrabadni Movement

... The traditional reasons had strong roots, but, on the ground, the sacrifices created a difficult reality for the local people. Sacrificing buffaloes and goats on a fairly regular basis was far beyond the economic
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"BANTHA" Water Movement

It is a strange and sad irony that while Uttarakhand supplies most of North India's water, many of its villages remain dry and lacking in even basic water facilities. The Ganga and the Yamuna and all their tributaries, huge snow fed rivers, leave these Himalayan slopes...
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The SBMA campus is situated in Anjanisain, Tehri (Gharwal). The campus consists of various areas like Agriculture & Skill Development Center, Weaving & card unit, Training, Offices, Hostel, SBMA hospital and the Environment School.
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